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APRIL 2020

News, April 18: An earlier version of this story included an incorrect number of coronavirus cases for Magnolia House in Gadsden County. In a Florida Department of Health list of long-term care facilities in which patients or staff have tested positive, Magnolia House is identified as the only facility with a case or cases in Gadsden County. A separate  notes that Gadsden has had 16 residents test positive who either live or work in long-term care facilities. Magnolia House officials say that only one staffer has tested positive for coronavirus and that staffer was asymptomatic and had not been to work since learning of the contact with the positive case, which occurred outside the facility.

MARCH 2020

News, March 29: An earlier version of this story体育在线365 incorrectly identified where a man with a confirmed case of coronavirus had recently traveled. The Florida Department of Health clarified Sunday morning that the capitalizations of "LA" meant Louisiana, not Los Angeles. 

News, March 29: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified the name of a drug Ron DeSantis is acquiring from an Israeli supplier as part of the state's coronavirus response effort. Hydroxychloroquine is part of clinical trials to combat the virus.

News, March 5: An earlier version of this story misstated some of the details of Kaia’s interaction with law enforcement and of the legislation. A corrected version is now online.

News, March 3: A previous version of this story had incorrect information about what the initials of KBKitchen would have stood for. The restaurant would have been named after Kool Beanz. Owner Keith Baxter had also previously told the Tallahassee Democrat the restaurant would serve during Food Truck Thursdays at Lake Ella, but later decided not to.

News, March 2: An earlier version of this story contained incorrect information about Catalina Café. Catalina Café operated its roastery at 1210 S. Adams St. from late 2018 through November.   


Sports, Feb. 28: An earlier version of this story体育在线365 about Port St. Joe's victory over Madison County gave an incorrect name for the Port St. Joe coach. It is Kenny Parker.

News, Feb. 25: An earlier version of this story体育在线365 about FAMU's Center for Access and Student Success had FAMU President Larry Robinson's name spelled incorrectly in a photo caption.

News, Feb. 24:An earlier version of this story体育在线365 about a feature film being shot in Georgia misspelled the town of Tifton.

News, Feb. 20: An earlier version of this 25 Women announcement incorrectly listed the job title for Monique Ellsworth. She is CEO of Second Harvest.

News, Feb. 18: A story about Envision Credit Union's art contest体育在线365 misspelled the name of its spokesperson. Her name is Kelli Walter.

News, Feb. 17: A story in Monday’s paper 体育在线365gave the wrong time reference for the death of Burt Reynolds. He died on Sept. 6, 2018.

News, Feb. 11:  A story about voter registration in Leon County jail体育在线365 gave an incorrect deadline. Voters who want to register in time to vote in Florida's presidential preference primary must register by Tuesday, Feb. 18. 

TLH Local, Feb. 2: Some names were duplicated and the following winners were omitted from a chart on the Tropicana Speech Contest in Monday’s TLH Section: Grayson Stevens, Most Humorous, Christ Classical Academy; Nico Johnson, Best Inspirational, Fairview Middle School; Christian Ferguson, Best Persuasive, Woodville School; and Saniya Woodson, Best Informative, R. Frank Nims Middle School.

News, Feb. 2: Sunday’s story about honorable mention nominees for Person of the Year contained inaccuracies about Georgia Cappleman. Her title in the state attorney’s office is assistant state attorney, and she is vice president and resource development chair for Refuge House. The story also incorrectly said she prosecuted Henry Segura.

News, Feb. 1: A story about the coronoavirus体育在线365 gave incorrect information. The Tallahassee International Airport recorded 582 passengers in three-quarters of 2019 to Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) and 3,769 passengers to Toronto.

News, Feb. 1: A Saturday front page story about a racist robocaller who was fined $13 million by the FCC incorrectly identified the state he lives in. He is from Idaho.


TLH Local, Jan. 26: A Sunday story about the exhibit “A Witness to History” listed an incorrect address. The correct address is TCC Center for Innovation, 300 W. Pensacola St.

News, Jan. 26: In a photo on page 3A Sunday, 体育在线365Realtor Kevin Davis was misidentified. The caption is correct in the photo on below.


TLH Local, Dec. 28: In a photo on the cover of the TLH section Saturday, Jeannie Becker-Powell was misidentified. The caption is correct in the photo below.

News, Dec. 27:体育在线365 In a Friday story with local reactions to Maj. Lawrence Revell being named the new police chief, Taylor Biro was expressing her own view and not speaking on behalf of her future employer, the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence.

TLH Local, Dec. 27: 体育在线365Eve on Adams will have a $25 cover for its New Year’s Eve celebration. A story in Friday’s Limelight had incorrect information about the event.

News, Dec. 21:  A story on Dec. 21 about an archaeologist studying Indian mounds体育在线365, Marty Menz, misstated his university affiliation. He is working toward his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan​.

News, Dec. 17:体育在线365 The photo caption accompanying the story on page 4A of Wednesday’s paper incorrectly identified the location of the Jackson Bluff dam. It is on Lake Talquin. The caption was correct online.

News, Dec. 16: In Monday’s Campus Notes体育在线365, Professor John Kelsay’s name was spelled incorrectly.

MAY 2019

News: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that the Patients Savings Act HB 1113 applied to the state insurance group plan when the Act authorizes the Office of Insurance Regulation to allow such programs. Also, the earlier version failed to note that the Department of Management Services publicized the state’s shared-savings programs with 77 in-person presentations and webinars. 

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